Public Safety: Drone as First Responder

When lives are on the line, get Skydio in the air.

Bring a new level of safety to your officers and the community with a Drone as First Responder (DFR) program.

Know more. Risk less.

Get real-time frontline visibility — anytime, anywhere, with DFR. Imagine if every patrol car had a smart drone in the trunk. Every city had drones docked in strategic locations. And every command center had operators ready to fly drones remotely 2 — an advantage only offered by Remote Flight Deck.

With a Skydio Drone as First Responder (DFR) program, you don't have to imagine. It’s here now.

Get there fast. Get there first.

With a DFR program, drones can deploy from vehicles or roof-top docks and reach any scene at speeds up to 45mph — empowering the frontlines with a clear picture of what’s happening on the ground.

You protect us. DFR protects you.

By getting to the scene ahead of first responders, drones act as their eyes and ears — giving them real-time situational awareness for better tactical decisions. Drones can also be piloted by a remote operator, allowing those on scene to focus on what’s happening in front of them.

x10 flying over buildings
remotely flying drone

Trust, through safety and transparency.

person detected by drone and has their hands up

Public safety is built on trust between the community and those that are sworn to keep it safe. Skydio drone programs are designed to provide officers with the visibility needed to deescalate situations and the transparency to align with your community’s expectations.

police looking out over an area ready to fly drone

Ready to fly anywhere, anytime.

Ready to fly day or night. In rain or shine. And when equipped with Skydio’s NightSense technology, the X10 will be able to fly autonomously and see in zero light environments. Which means Skydio DFR can help fight crime and save lives 24/7.

Oklahoma city portrait view

More than 425 Public Safety agencies in every state across the U.S. trust Skydio to keep their officers and communities safe.

Do more with DFR.

Respond to incidents faster.

Increase solve rates.

Reduce shooting and use of force.

Improve call prioritization.

Reduce crime rates.

Begin the path to Drone as First Responder today with Skydio.

Start by empowering officers with Skydio drones in every vehicle.

Get an aerial view every time you need it with autonomous drones anyone can fly. Simple, comprehensive training for your entire organization that covers every drone in your program.

illustration of drone being flown by police office

Next, enable remote pilots to fly drones activated by ground units. 2

Free responding officers to focus on activity on the ground with a remote pilot using Remote Flight Deck to control the drones on the scene.

illustration of a drone being flown remotely while police on persuit

Then launch and fly drones remotely to arrive on scene before officers. 2

Get to the scene even faster. Speed drones to incidents ahead of your officers by keeping them docked in strategic locations. Live stream the scene to responding officers while drones provide situational awareness.

illustration showing two drones closing in on suspects ahead of police

Finally, automate call response with fully autonomous drone flights.

Activate drones automatically when you get 911 calls. Integrate with 3rd-party applications (like ShotSpotter) for even quicker response. Faster intelligence informs better tactical decisions.

illustration of many drones across a city being released from the skydio dock

Not just a drone.
A complete drone program.

law enforcement offices learning to use skydio x2 drone

Tap into the expertise of law enforcement veterans.

Partner with a team who knows what you’re up against every day. Our team members have worn the badge, and have years of experience on the frontlines with the NYPD, Las Vegas Metropolitan PD and Illinois State Police. You’ll also work closely with trailblazing agencies, first to build their own DFR programs.

people shaking hands with the speaker/trainer

Help securing grants for your drone program.

Federal and State grants can go a long way in making DFR a viable long-term solution for your agency. Our Success Services team can help you with grant writing to qualify for the grants that are available to you. We can even help you learn how to best position your agency to help you secure the funding you need.

picture of police launching drone in rural wooded field

Experience getting waivers to fly beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS).

We know FAA regulatory hurdles seem daunting. But our Regulatory Services team also knows just what it takes to implement DFR from a regulatory standpoint, and can streamline getting you through the waivers process.

DFR Partner

Specialized training to match your needs.

When seconds matter, it’s critical to fly with confidence, on patrol or remotely — day or night. Our training is designed to instill that confidence. We offer both online and live training as part of our Success Services. And, we have a partner who delivers delivers Part 107 certification training.

Police officee launching Skydio X2 drone from trunk of squad car

One seamless integrated system.

Skydio offers a complete system. Hardware (drones and dock), software and 3rd-party integrations all work together to give you the real-time visibility you need — anytime, anywhere. It starts with Skydio X10. A drone that can fly autonomously and see at night with NightSense technology, while the FLIR Boson+ sensor provides advanced thermal imaging capability. And with 5G connectivity, patrol can activate X10 and hand off control to a remote pilot.

drone taking off from skydio dock

Fly from anywhere with Skydio Dock. 1

Deploy drones from strategically located Skydio Docks and get on the scene fast. Using our Remote Ops software your operator can pilot remotely from a browser and live stream so both command and patrol have full situational awareness. Integrate with your 911 system and third party apps (that detect gunshots, for example) and you can also fly missions automatically and fully autonomously.

person flying drone with axon logo over the top

Axon Air, Axon Evidence, and Axon Respond. All integrated with Skydio.

Axon network includes Axon Air's support for live streaming, location and fleet management of Skydio drones, live streaming of Skydio drone video and location directly into Respond, and direct upload from Skydio drones into for CJIS-compliant chain of custody for Skydio's high quality evidentiary photos and videos.

x10 sensors

Secure solution, fully supported in the USA.

Avoid country-of-origin concerns with an aerial solution designed, assembled, and supported all right here in the USA, and is fully NDAA compliant.

This product or service has not been approved or endorsed by any governmental agency, and this offer is not being made by an agency of the government.


Skydio makes public safety safer for everyone.

Police launching Skydio X2 drone from their hand

Gain an aerial view of any situation as it evolves, with overwatch on every call. Make better, more informed decisions in real-time.

3d scan of crash scene

Clear scenes faster without compromising critical data. Skydio AI and autonomy brings you 3D Scan and Map Capture to create photogrammetry models and orthomosaics in a fraction of the time of traditional photos or LiDAR.

firefighters tackling blaze with skydio x2 flying in close proximity

Gain situational awareness over fast moving blazes. Gather aerial intelligence, coordinate emergency response, and keep your crews safer.

thermal image displayed on skydio drone controller

Sweep vast search areas, day or night, and find subjects faster with thermal imaging.

Start the path to DFR.

1 Always fly X10 in compliance with applicable laws and according to the Skydio Safety and Usage Guidelines

2 Remote piloting and continuous live-stream are dependent on cellar network connectivity. BVLOS permit required for remote flight.

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