Skydio X10 inspecting power components

Utilities: Condition-Based Maintenance

Reimagine the way utilities work from a new vantage point.

Let us show you how condition-based maintenance puts all of your asset information at your fingertips.

Imagine drastically cutting maintenance costs, ditching unnecessary truck rolls, and significantly increasing safety and reliability, while deploying scarce resources based on real-time data. With precise aerial insights from Skydio drones, you can transition to a whole new world of smarter maintenance.

Make the leap to condition-based maintenance with Skydio.

person flying drone remotely

Stop outages before they start.

Skydio autonomous drones keep you a step ahead of outages and failures with inspections and monitoring done more frequently, in greater detail, and from vantage points impossible to reach by foot.

person flying drone remotely

Multiply output with the same headcount.

Inspect more of your assets, in less time with your existing workforce, while staff remains safely on the ground, away from potentially dangerous situations.

power grid / infrastructure

Improve stability, resilience and reliability every day.

Know the true state of your entire system, down to the smallest detail, with 360 degree monitoring powered by AI to get smarter and more efficient with every inspection. And significantly improve system compliance with industry safety standards.

Join the era of condition-based maintenance one step at a time. We make it easy to turn your data into insights.

illustration of skydio x10 flying around power lines

First, empower frontline staff with Skydio drones.

Anyone can fly our autonomous drones with just a few hours of training. And Skydio drones can get up-close views in highly energized environments.

illustration of skydio x10 being flown remotely using the skydio dock

Next, fly inspection missions remotely.

No need to spend on truck rolls when you dock your drones on site. Fly an inspection from anywhere with connectivity — on schedule or on demand to get the info you need to solve issues faster.

illustration of operator watching over multiple autonomously flown drones

Then centralize and automate inspection flights.

Schedule regular inspections and fly the same path autonomously. Capture the same images each time to automate analysis and see when asset conditions change. Use Skydio Extend to turn that data into actionable insights.

AEP worker using Skydio X10 to navigate and inspect large substation
AEP worker using Skydio X10 to navigate and inspect large substation portrait orientation

AEP gets the data to make maintenance decisions that minimize outages.

Top utility companies trust Skydio.

Dominion Energy
New York Power Authority logo
Duke Energy
American Electric Power
Berkshire Hathaway Energy
Southern Company
Idaho Power
National Grid

Not just a drone.
A complete drone program.

solar panel array

Experienced utility pros, on your side.

Our team is lead by seasoned utility experts with long tenures at New York Power Authority, Southern Company, and other organizations. With their collective and deep experience, they’re making the vision of condition-based maintenance (CBM) a reality for the largest utilities companies in the U.S.

road with many utility pylons stretched alongside the road

Skydio can help with waivers for flying beyond visual line of site (BVLOS).

Don’t let concerns about regulatory issues stop you from building your CBM program. Our Regulatory Services team understands how to navigate the waivers process and can help you get what you need to meet all the necessary FAA requirements.

Skydio team member demonstrating X10 capabilities to customer

Specialized training to match your needs.

When flying in energized areas, challenging locations or inclement weather, it’s critical to fly with confidence. Our training is designed to instill that confidence. We offer both online and live training to meet your shift and personnel needs. Learn more about how our Success Services team makes it easy for you.

electricity infrastructure

One seamless integrated system.

Skydio offers a complete system — hardware (drone and dock), software and 3rd-party integrations all work together to deliver the data you need. It starts with Skydio X10 which can easily navigate most high EMI environments. Best-in-class cameras and sensors, plus thermal capabilities equip you with the right data capture tools for utilities. With X10, you can scan assets, schedule and repeat flights, and fly remotely.

x2 drone leaving dock

Fly from anywhere with Skydio Dock.

With Skydio Dock and Remote Ops, you can continuously monitor, patrol, and collect data remotely from a browser, wherever you are, without the need for an on-site operator. Get eyes on assets immediately following an event for a timely response.

integration logos - aws, esri, fusus and more

Streamline data movement.

Use Skydio Extend to securely integrate drone-captured data into your workflows. Skydio Extend helps you scale your drone program by making it easier to transfer, store, and analyze data and enable better team collaboration — so you can easily expedite post processing analytics, manage enterprise assets and connect with systems of record.

Close up of Skydio X10 drone's camera and sensors

Secure solution, fully supported in the USA.

Avoid country-of-origin concerns with an aerial solution designed, assembled, and supported all right here in the USA. For an added measure of security and peace of mind, Skydio drones fully comply with NDAA regulations.


Drone based solutions for your entire system.

skydio X10 drone in between power lines

Ensure asset longevity with aerial inspections that are 3x faster and much less dangerous than with bucket truck crews. High-resolution cameras capture the details you need to make the right maintenance decisions.

skydio drone flowering around a substation

Always know the condition of your substations — even in your most remote locations — through comprehensive, up-close monitoring with the only EMI resistant drone in its class.

power plant inspection

Skydio drones can easily navigate in highly energized and obstacle-filled environments so you can safely survey hydro, solar, fossil, petroleum and nuclear power plant equipment to keep your plant running at its peak performance.

Join the future of utilities.

1 Always fly X10 in compliance with applicable laws and according to the Skydio Safety and Usage Guidelines

2 Remote piloting and continuous live-stream are dependent on cellar network connectivity. BVLOS permit required for remote flight.

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