soldier releasing drone from hand
soldier releasing drone from hand

Defense: sUAS Program

Out-maneuver Out-detect Out-network Out-think Out-sustain
the adversary.

A Skydio sUAS program tilts today’s battlefield in your favor and keeps you ready for tomorrow’s conflicts with human-machine teaming.

Gather more intel over more area with smart, survivable sUAS.

Cover vast and remote areas of a country with fleet of Skydio drones

Blanket entire regions with the AI-powered Skydio X10D to create a sensing grid that gathers data faster, smarter, and safer than boots on the ground.

officer launching Skydio X10D Drone in the day and a scene of a night launch

Gain shared situational awareness from command center to frontline.

Skydio sUAS utilize secure standards to talk to other devices locally, across battlefields, and around the world so allies have a common operating picture to fight as a team of teams. Get our industry insights paper for more details on readiness.

Soldier looking at chest tablet of live feed of Skydio X10D observing convoy at road block
Squadron leader coordinating with convoy ahead of conflict

Adapt at the speed of combat.

Skydio X10D observing conflict ahead of squadron

Equipped at the squad level, Skydio X10D creates a dynamic human-machine team that can rapidly shift tactics and strategy to keep troops out of harm's way. Read the X10D technical white paper.

Soldier viewing squadron location on Skydio controller
AEP worker using Skydio X10 to navigate and inspect large substation portrait orientation

Skydio X10D: Small, Smart, Survivable


Ready to serve before, during, and after combat.

Soldier launching Skydio X2D drone from thier hand

Gain situational awareness on the battlefield with aerial ISR, keeping your warfighters safe on every mission.

Skydio X10D drone inspecting aircraft carrier defense assets

Inspect more assets in less time, catch emerging issues early, and get the info you need to repair faster and maintain readiness.

Skydio X10D drone inspecting perimeter fencing at military base

Provide real-time surveillance and intelligence to significantly improve threat detection and protect your forces.

Combat ready tech.

Commercial scale innovation.

Move with speed and efficiency when you choose sUAS that are built for enterprise scale — and adapted to meet defense requirements.

Skydio X10D Attachments
Skydio X10D Attachments

Adapt quickly with a secure, modular platform for attachment swaps in the field.

RAS-A compliant protocol to support third-party and government-owned apps.

Observe individuals, vehicles or suspicious objects at 1km range to accurately identify hostile intent.

NightSense enables autonomous navigation for missions at night.

Skydio is trusted by every branch of the U.S. DoD and allied forces around the world.

US Army

US Marine Corps

US Navy

US Air Force

US Space Force

US Coast Guard

This product or service has not been approved or endorsed by any governmental agency, and this offer is not being made by an agency of the government.

Ready for mission success?

1 Always fly X10 in compliance with applicable laws and according to the Skydio Safety and Usage Guidelines

2 Remote piloting and continuous live-stream are dependent on cellar network connectivity. BVLOS permit required for remote flight.

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